Food is a part of all of us.

But I am consumed by it.

And I don’t mean like into all the celebrity chef shows, and hip joints to be seen in, or that I am overtaken by a tower of periodicals dog-eared for recipes and food art spotlighting the next trend.

I’m behind the food, I’m into the happenings, the hows? and whats? I am driven by the community and conversation created from food, and breathe the rhythm of the season within the local food system, the whens? and whys?

With over 15 years in the kitchen it will always be a place of creativity. I will always be more of a season as I go type, not the level the teaspoon type,  I feel food should satisfy, and be shared with friends and family.

To counter the creative chaos that is a kitchen, I use soil and sunshine.  As a local market gardener I am focused on succession planting, season extension, soil building, and some heirloom varieties. Connecting the food circle from a seed to plate is a reward everlasting.

My aim is to grow good food and teach others to do it, connect local food to schools, and create fun ways to educate communities about agriculture, nutrition, and food preparation.