About “The Man”

A lot of people call me Chef, but to many our connection through food is  more than that.

I am the man behind the food.

It is true, being a chef at heart, the kitchen will always be a place to be creative.  My 15 years as a Chef give me an eye for great ingredients, and  as a grower it is my aim to feed that need.

As a  farmer driven to grow great food, I am focused on sustainable growing of heirloom varieties following organic methods,  and raising heritage breed laying hens with room to free range.  I am focused on reducing outside inputs with practices like egg incubation, compost production, season extension growing methods, perennial garden plantings, and crop rotation.

I round out this vision by offering farm field trips,  hands on cooking classes,  and student supported garden beds for local schools.


Eat. Learn. Grow.